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We harness your data to improve quality, cost competitiveness,
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PLM Services

Streamlining product development processes, enhancing productivity and creating an efficient environment for strategic business initiatives.

IT Consulting

Analyzing, advising and applying IT best practices to support your business goals and optimize technology investment.

Cloud Infrastructure

Increase capacity and efficiency for quicker execution with lower costs than most on-site solutions.
As a partner of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), Godwin Global seeks to transform American manufacturing through collaborative innovation. The Siemens partnership with DMDII gives companies in a variety of industries the opportunity to get a hands-on understanding of how the software and manufacturing technology can come together to transform their innovation process.

How are you capturing and maximizing data

coming off your manufacturing floor?


About Us

Godwin Global provides world-class technical strategy and services to solve complex business, engineering, design and IT challenges for manufacturing clients. We partner with industry captains like Siemens PLM Software to offer a complete solution-set of Product Lifecycle Management Software.  Our team of brilliant engineering leaders have been solving problems and instituting technical strategy for companies like SpaceX, Hyperloop One, and the United States Air Force for over 20 years. We work with companies of all sizes from start-up to enterprise with the same goal: to provide strategic and operational advantages by realizing their digital factory vision.



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